Saturday, 25 January 2014

If you haven't gone aground, you haven't sailed the Bahamas!

We were told "if you haven't gone aground, you haven't sailed the Bahamas". So we decided we'd better go aground, at least once - and on our way to our mooring, this was our final chance. And go aground we did - mightily! Stuck in 4 feet of water at high tide - a sand bank with some coral - right on our path to the mooring at Kavali House - the boat's Southern home. What to do ....

Before we knew it, there were at least six dinghies and an Australian fellow on a paddle board - all coming to our rescue. "Go forward, back up, heel the boat, throw us a line, here - take ours - we'll pull you, push you, go right, go left ....". Sheesh - no one seemed to be in agreement, and we had no idea what to do. But somehow, we started to move, and were floating again - whew! With heartfelt thanks to all, we followed our host, Bob, who had also come to our rescue, right up to the mooring.

Now we're safely tied up, having earlier filled the boat with fuel and water, and we're doing our final packing to leave tomorrow morning. It's been a busy, eventful trip, and we can't wait to come back in March, when we can really enjoy just sailing Sea Change around these beautiful islands. So this is the last blog entry 'til then - thanks for following us, and we hope you enjoyed it.

One last sunset to end the trip ...

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