Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Marilyn in paradise ... even in the rain, it's better in the Bahamas :)

On this little deserted Cay, we realized today that we're finally in the kind of place we'd hoped to be - sort of a Bahamian version of Stanley, New Brunswick. There's hardly a soul around - I think I spotted two vehicles on the packed-sand "road" - oh, and one peacock strutting its way into the bush!

This stormy day was perfect for doing laundry, etc., and Jeff spent two hours working on helping 6 Africans prepare to attend our CODI program in February. But we also managed to fit in some fun activities - we strolled along the gorgeous deserted beach, had a picnic lunch in the rain under a palm frond beach hut, bought fresh fish from a local fisherman, and cooked it for dinner tonight, and chatted with many locals and a few other boaters from the US and Canada.

Nothing works here ... yet everything seems to work. The showers are cold, the only store has about three things on its shelves and can't make change for the clothes dryers - which doesn't matter, because they don't work in any case. But the people are lovely - helpful, generous and totally accommodating - so somehow,  everything gets done, and always with a smile. I love it here - is it evident? Maybe the sun will shine tomorrow and we can go for a snorkel for the first time this trip.

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