Monday, 20 January 2014

We did the whole thing!

(Written on January 19th, as we arrived at our destination)

Marilyn here – on a cold, windy, cloudy day in paradise (not!). We did the whole thing – and without once going aground!!

Yesterday we were floating at anchor in Cave Cay Bay, having a “day off”. We headed out in the morning, intending to leave – but the wind and waves at the cut from the Bay were so wicked, we called it quits, and dropped our anchor right where we were – good call. We spent the day hanging out, dinghying to a beautiful near-by beach, and watching a brilliant red sunset, which I painted.

This morning, we had a decision to make – either “gunk-hole” through the Bahama Bank towards George Town (probably a 3-day trip – what with shoals, coral heads, etc., and requiring much more attention to navigation), or take the Bahama Sound route – a 5-6 hour trip, but on huge waves in much more open water.

We chose the latter, and here we are at 3:00 pm, sitting at anchor in front of the “Chat ‘n Chill beach bar on Lee Stocking Island – right across from our reserved hurricane hole mooring. Another good call, despite the 6-foot rollers we surfed on all day (We actually sailed at 8 knots at one point – broke our own record!). We’re so glad to finally have arrived, and we’re a week away from our scheduled departure back to Toronto. So we have lots of time to clean up and prepare the boat for its stay on the mooring in February.

Tomorrow it’s laundry, provisioning, etc. – but for now we’re reveling in the success of this trip – no small thanks to captain, my captain. Here’s one for you!!

Pics below are from yesterday’s stay in the anchorage at Cave Cay. The posts will be more infrequent now, as we prepare to leave the boat ... see you soon!

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