Friday, 17 January 2014

Staniel Cay

Marilyn writing …

We spent a lovely day and two nights at anchor in Staniel Cay harbor during the last cold front. The only challenge was docking at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club to fill up with fuel, water and provisions. The wind was blowing us hard against the dock, so negotiating docking and cast-off was difficult – while below us swam a school of nurse sharks – some 6 feet long. They’re supposed to be harmless, but neither of us wanted to fall in the water to test that theory! I got some good pics though (below).

Staniel Cay and its harbor are absolutely beautiful spots – with two small grocery stores (one pink and one blue), a pretty church, gorgeous white-sand beaches, and a charming little yacht club where we had the best conch fritters I’ve ever tasted. This is one of the places to which we’d like to take guests, if any of you ever join us down here.

There’s a great snorkeling cave (called “Thunderball” – where the 007 film was shot) just off where we were anchored – but we never made it there, as we decided to leave today, ahead of yet another cold front due tomorrow. We’re having Bahama’s version of Toronto’s winter right now. Much more tolerable, but disappointing, nonetheless. So we’re headed to Cave Cay – a hurricane hole – to sit out the next cold front, before we make a run to George Town, our final stop for now.

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