Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Hello, again - Marilyn here ...

We've been disconnected for the last two days, while we hung out at Hawksbill Cay - it felt strange but liberating! Though I have been anxious to get back to this blog.

Hawksbill is a completely empty little island - the only sign of life we saw on it was a small curly-tailed lizard (pic below). He smiled for the camera, and then scurried away. This was during a crazy climb that Jeff and I undertook up a small but treacherous mountain. It was treacherous because, like all of the land on these cays, it seems to be formed by old coral heads with jagged, sharp edges that would cut like razor-blades if you lost your footing. So why are we climbing them? Because they're there, of course. Besides, what else is there to do, except lie on powdery beaches and admire the gorgeous scenery? The last pic below is the view from our boat as I write.

Actually it's not always that relaxing (yeah, sure, you're thinking ...). During the night the wind came up, and we rocked like a bucking bronco - and continued to experience that motion all the way to the next Cay (Staniel), where we're now anchored in a very protected harbour, sitting out a cold front that's supposed to come in tonight. As the waves crashed over the bow of the boat today and all the way back to the cockpit, we wondered who of our friends would be willing to do this with us! But don't worry, if you decide to join us down here at any point, we'll make sure we sail in calmer places.

Only two more short sails to our destination, and then home to the February cold ... hopefully the memories of this trip will keep us warm!

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