Friday, 10 January 2014

Marilyn writing - after a frustrating two days trying to get into this site here in Nassau. I finally did it through Jeff's computer - hooray!

Well - they say sailing in this area is not for novices, and after the sail from Chub Cay to Nassau, we would agree! Fortunately, we're not exactly novices ...

We started out at 7:45 am with our buddy boat, Dame Des Mers, in what looked like calm seas, with little wind. By the time we motored through the gap into the open ocean, we were on 6-8 foot rollers that got larger as we proceeded - with the wind on our nose, yet again! The waves were so large at times, our buddy boat's hull disappeared, and all we could see was the mast and small mainsail they had raised for stability (see pic below).

But eventually, the sun came out, the seas calmed, and we motored into Nassau by 3:00 pm - happy as clams to be there. Today we spent provisioning, doing yet more laundry (everything was caked with salt from the spray), and fixing various boat parts - the propane stove still has us perplexed. Unfortunately, today turned out to be a national holiday called "Majority Rules", so no stores were open for part replacements. Ah well, manana is ok, too - we'll plan to leave on Sunday morning for the Exumas - another 6-hour trip (hopefully a sail instead of a motor this time). We'll see ...

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