Saturday, 11 January 2014

Hi, All - it's Marilyn here ...

A beautiful day at Nassau Club Marina - we finally feel like we're really in the South. It was lovely to wake up this morning and look around at all the cruisers sipping their morning coffee in their cockpits. It really feels like we're part of a community of boaters - people are easy to talk with, everyone has good advice and ideas, and is generally in a great frame of mind, as are we.

We're hanging out in Nassau today, shopping, exploring, and preparing to sail to the Exumas early tomorrow morning. A 6 hour sail should take us to Highbourne Cay, and then we'll head south from there to George Town. Since we'll be mainly at anchor now, I'm not sure how good the internet connection will be from here on in, so I'll post when I can - but probably not as regularly. Sorry, no pics today ... haven't had a chance to take any yet! See you in a few weeks :).


  1. we are enjoying your blog - although I find it scary! you sailors are very daring.
    We are also enjoying a warm climate, but much less exciting. We are in Florida for a week, and spending a lot of time walking the beaches.Take care, Betty and John.

  2. Thanks for your note - glad you're enjoying the blog. I can honestly say we have not been in danger once yet. Sea Change handles big waves beautifully - seasickness is the biggest threat so far - and fortunately we seem to have sailor's stomachs (knocking on wood).Enjoy the Florida warmth! Love, Marilyn