Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Marilyn again ...

Raining off and on all day - a little depressing, given that this would be a beautiful place to enjoy the sun. But we're doing lots of walking in the rain, and tomorrow we leave for Nassau, as the cold front seems to be passing. It's a 7 hour sail - so we'll leave at 7:00 am, to arrive in bright daylight.

Nassau should be a good place to reprovision and it is our jump-off point to the Exumas, where we'll have about 80 miles to go before we reach our destination, George Town. Time is marching on, so we need to keep moving, but the journey is the thing here.

Scenes from a rainy day walk around Chub Cay ... and my rendition of one of the Island's beautiful creatures ...

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  1. For rainy cool weather, looks like you're doing fine. Our weather is beginning to moderate, not yet breaking freezing but headed that way. Love your picture of the rooster.