Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Another Month in Paradise

Another Month in Paradise!

So we’re here again, in paradise – for another whole month! The trip from Toronto was a smooth 3.5 hours, and we found the boat in perfect condition, except for the colony of mold at the bottom of the fridge which had developed around a leaking beer can – yuck!

It’s taken us two days to get connected, and so far only my computer is on-line. But
we’re now all settled in and completing a few last boat repairs before we start to explore the Exuma Cays. One of the Quebec couples we met in Florida in December contacted us, and they’re in the same area as we are right now – just across from George Town. We met them for lunch at the “Chat ‘n Chill” bar on Volleyball Beach, and ate fresh conch salad to die for!

I can’t up-load pics until Jeff’s computer is on-line – but stay posted, and stay warm. We do hope that Spring is on the way “up north”! More anon ….

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