Friday, 3 January 2014

Marilyn writing ...

After lolling around on Sea Change and in the dinghy during a beautiful, sunny day yesterday, we had a rude awakening this morning! The almost 4-foot tide had risen and somehow, with a wind shift, we were blown under the dock and the side of the boat was trapped, so that we found ourselves heeling at a 30 degree angle (see pics below). The angle of the towels is kind of neat :).

Once the tide started to recede, Jeff managed to lever us out with a plank of wood (my captain comes through, again ..) and all is now right with the world. Except that the wind shift brought a huge temperature drop, and we're wearing socks for the first time in a month (poor us!).

So we're still hanging out in Port Lucaya - but waiting around for a weather window in the Bahamas feels better than in Florida. It is, after all, where we want to be. Jeff is slowly recuperating, and we'll probably set sail again on Sunday/Monday, depending on the wind.

The first two pics below are additional ones from the Junkanoo on January 1st (that's Denis, not Jeff) - the "Bahama Mama" makes me feel better about the next pic! There's a shot of sunrise yesterday, and the rest are pics from our dock event this morning. Enjoy ...

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