Saturday, 31 January 2015

Another Dramatic Ending!

Isn’t it interesting how, on one side of a group of Cays it can be perfectly calm – while on the opposite side, the wind and seas are raging?

That was our experience today as we left Lee Stocking Island’s beautiful, calm anchorage, and braved Rat Cut into the Bahama Sound. I say “braved”, because crossing the cut between the Bank and the Sound felt like running major rapids in a canoe – the waves were so big, they came right over the deck of the boat! But it only lasted the few minutes that it took to run through the cut – at which point, the ocean calmed to large rollers on the beam (for non-sailors, not a bad point of sail). The wind was blowing a steady 22 knots (lots of wind for a 36-foot boat) – and we were making 7.8 knots of speed at the height (the boat is designed to do 6.5 at its fastest). 

All of which is to say that we were really moving – surfing, in fact! Add to that a pretty cloudy sky and some rain, and I can tell you that we were both very happy to reach our home port at Monument Beach within about 3.5 hours – just on time for lunch J.

A friendly neighbor came over to invite us to a pig roast and scrabble game at
Chat ‘n Chill tomorrow, and we watched the sun set to the sound of conch shells being blown in unison, all in different keys! It’s good to be “home”.

This will probably be my last post, as we’ll be preparing to leave for our colder home in a few days – but it will be good to be there, too. We’ve missed our friends and family, and are looking forward to seeing you all very soon! TTFN

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