Sunday, 25 January 2015

I Didn't Know Pigs Could Swim

A cloudy morning today turned into a sunny afternoon. So after both of us had worked at our computers for three hours, we decided to check out the Thunderball Grotto for snorkeling, now that the waves had calmed down.

The waves may have been calm – but the current wasn’t! Jeff could barely swim against it, and I didn’t even try. People who did get in while we watched from our dinghy said the current almost sucked them out the other side L. So instead, we “snorkeled” from the dinghy, with our heads over the side, adorned with mask and snorkel. It was actually quite good – lots of colourful Parrot fish, beautiful coral and Jeff saw a three foot nurse shark!

Then we took a long ride all around Big Major Spot Island to the other side, where there was a beach off which pigs (yes, pigs!) swam out to be fed by us. We knew about the pigs, and had come equipped with left-overs  – for which they grunted their appreciation.

We heard from other cruisers that the pigs were brought to the Island after 9/11 by Bahamians who thought that their food supply might be threatened by a US war with the terrorists. So they left the pigs on the Island to forage and fatten up for food. But since they didn’t get eaten, they instead became a tourist attraction.

“I didn’t know pigs could swim” quipped Jeff, as we dinghied back to Sea Change – tired but very satisfied. Another beautiful day in Paradise.

The pics below are from our afternoon yesterday touring Staniel Cay in a rented golf cart, and from today’s dinghy ride to the swimming pigs.

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