Tuesday, 13 January 2015

January 11, 2015

From Frigidity to Liquidity

Yay! We’re back on Sea Change in Hurricane Hole 3, Exuma, Bahamas, waiting to have her bottom scraped clean of all the wildlife that has taken up residence there since we left the boat last Spring.

We arrived at the end of a cold front passing through – with high winds and periodic rain, as well as glorious full-arc rainbows – a dramatic beginning to what we hope will be another wonderful sailing adventure.

This place now feels like a third home – people recognize us and greet us warmly. The water taxi driver, Elvis (really) said: “Ah yes, Hurricane Hole 3, right? Here have a cold Kalik” (the local, very good beer) – as he transported us from Georgetown to our boat on huge waves, even in the protected harbour.

So we’re now unpacked and mostly settled in – though, of course, tomorrow is a national holiday, so no groceries until Tuesday. Ah well, we could probably live a month on the canned stores in our pantry. So here’s to turquoise water, 27 degree temperatures, Bahamian hospitality and Kalik – cheers!

January 12

The Adventures Begin!

We thought it would be a pretty calm day – we’re still at the mooring trying to sort out various small issues left over from Jeff’s “Mr. Fix-it” visit in November. I spent the morning cleaning below and settling us in, while Jeff mostly dealt with getting the dinghy motor hitched up. After I had scrubbed rust off all the “stainless” steel (yes, indeed L) on the deck, we both felt like a break was in order, so we took the dinghy (“Small Change”) out for a spin. The engine ran perfectly, and Jeff suggested we dinghy over to Chat n’ Chill on Stocking Island beach for dinner, since we had no fresh food or drinking water on the boat.

It seemed like a great idea until we puttered up to the beach, and the engine died! Oh-oh – how were we going to get home? After a great meal of Mahi Mahi (dolphin fish, not “Flipper”) we cautiously started the dinghy motor, and it ran – just. The only way we could keep it going was for Jeff to hand pump gas through the gas line, while I managed the tiller. We sauntered along at the speed of a fast walk, and managed to get back to Sea Change just before dark – whew!

We’ll sort out the engine problem tomorrow – for tonight, “Call the Midwife” beckons us.  Just another day of life on the boat.

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