Sunday, 22 February 2015

Back to our Bahamas Home

Hi, All - 

We're now here in our Bahamas home - ready to cook dinner! It was a smooth easy trip, despite the hordes of people because of reading week. The boat was in fairly fine form - though we had to leave our new macerator pumps at customs, waiting for a broker, rather than paying duty to bring them in :(. We'll get them tomorrow. Of course, there's always something with the boat - I think she punishes us for leaving. This time, the water pump doesn't work, but fortunately Jeff had the foresight to instal a hand pump, so we can still access our water in the tanks, though not as conveniently as with taps (Esther and Tim will sympathize - having been without water at home for a week!).

No matter - it's 27 degrees and sunny, and I just finished painting a card for the new baby of the couple who keep an eye on our boat at the mooring (Bob and Beatrix). We'll visit tomorrow to meet the new baby, get our macerator pumps, maybe go snorkelling right here in the hurricane hole, and do some provisioning. And hopefully my captain will be able to fix the water pump problem. Then we're off - probably to a small anchorage nearby called Red Shanks - supposed to be gorgeous.

So another sailing adventure begins - Robert and Susan - we can't wait to share this with you next week!

We'll miss the rest of you lots - see you in the Spring.

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