Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A Hellish Hour

We left Shangri-la just to refill our tanks with water and shop for provisions – and then we planned to high-tail it back to this amazing anchorage for one more day, before heading to home port. We also planned this to avoid the very high winds forecast for tomorrow.

What we didn’t anticipate were the huge waves and wind blowing today onto the fuel dock! It knocked us around like a bowling pin, while Jeff tried to fend off with his arms, and I kept retying the fenders as the boat changed position on the dock. The blows to the side of the boat dented the aluminum and rubber bumper, and as we were leaving, the heavy wind pushed our stern back onto the dock posts, which grabbed our bar-b-que and twisted it all out of shape. Truly one adventure we could have done without!

We decided to skip the shopping, and not stay one minute more in that situation. So high-tail it back we did, and my Captain promptly repaired the twisted Barbie J.

Tomorrow we just stay put … both my computer and my watch have stopped working – maybe that’s a message….

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