Wednesday, 14 January 2015

And We're Off ...

January 14, 2015

And we’re off ….

Oh man – it’s moments like these that we live for! After three days of boat repairs and set-up, and provisioning in George Town, we left at 4:30 for Monument Beach – a gorgeous anchorage on Stocking Island – about as distant as you can get from the town before heading away from Great Exuma. Our plan is to sit here sipping our coconut water and gin, and listening to the conch shells blowing at the breathlessly beautiful sunset, until the spirit moves us to head further north. The only sound I hear right now is the gentle lapping of water on the hull. Jeff is below shelling lobster tails bought fresh today from the local hairdresser – whose husband fishes and supplies the cooler in her salon. Purple clouds are scudding across the sky, and the water is like a mirror. This is heaven …

Dare I say it? Everything on the boat is ship-shape and working (for now). There’s always stuff to attend to – but nothing pressing. We keep appreciating how lucky we are to be able to do this, though we miss our family and friends. Please come and join us here if you can – we’re ready to entertain you.


  1. I am living vicariously thru these blogs. Your life there sounds perfect. You are no doubt aware of the weather we're having. It's ok, I'm not jealous, just happy for you. :) Enjoy!
    Betty xo

    1. Sorry, Betty - I missed this comment until now. It is pretty wonderful - but not all perfect. I'm currently scratching myself to death from no-see-um bites. Jeff has me taking prednisone, it's so bad :(. But hey - how can I complain? It's a small price to pay for this gorgeous place. Why don't you come and visit us here some time? xx M