Monday, 15 February 2016

The Black Hole that is a Boat

OK, OK – I know it was -30 celcius in Montreal this past weekend, and probably just as cold in Toronto (or close!). But we’ve got our problems, too …

When my brother Robert and his wife, Susan, were on our boat to visit last year, Susan left saying “is there ever more than 20 minutes before something new needs to be fixed on a boat?”. Famous last words!

I only include pics of us lying on the white sand, looking at the sunsets and smiling happily over gin and coconut water sundowners. But we haven’t stopped working on this (relatively new) boat since we arrived, and that was after 3 weeks of non-stop work by Jeff in November L. It is worth it? If we don’t come home in frustration sooner, we’ll let you know in the middle of April.

We spent yesterday morning cleaning out the bilge after we discovered it filled with some unnamed black stuff (like ink), just after Jeff had partially installed a brand-new bilge pump. And today we hand-cleaned the holding tank, as the macerator, which is supposed to mash up and pump out the sewage, was blocked - yech L. But we’re determined to whip this boat into shape by next Thursday when we expect our first guest – and then we get to vacation for a week with her – yeah!

The pics below were taken in a rare quiet moment when we had a picnic lunch on the beach opposite where we’re now anchored. The first one is a sundial someone made out of stones and a piece of driftwood – and it really works!

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