Sunday, 7 February 2016

Finally, Back in George Town and on-line!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hi, Friends and Family -

We arrived in George Town on Thursday afternoon, and everything seemed smooth, until I discovered I'd left my computer under the seat on the Air Canada plane :(. Retrieving an item from Air Canada should be a simple process - but nothing's simple in the Islands. Like in many places, it depends on who you know.

After much detective work and many phone calls, we managed to assure ourselves that the computer was resting safely in the AC office at the Exuma International Airport, where I retrieved it today - whew!

Now I'm intermittently on-line until tomorrow, when we get our phones, which are also our "hot spots", sorted out. Meanwhile we've been settling into the boat - now still at its mooring in the hurricane hole, waiting out a cold front with huge waves, wind and rain. This weather is actually quite exciting when you feel safe on the boat.

So the adventure begins again, and I'll keep you posted on any interesting news as we sail off - this time towards Long Island to get the bottom painted (about 4 hours from here), and later probably North to the Land and Sea Park, and eventually to Cuba. I'll include pics on the next post.

Keep warm (though I hear that's not hard in Toronto this Winter!).

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