Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Hanging Out at Red Shanks

What a beautiful day! The weather has finally improved and after a lovely hike to the ocean side at Monument Beach (pics below), we headed to one of our favourite anchorages, called Red Shanks.

This harbour is a well-kept little secret - there are only about 6 boats here, along with sea turtles, sting rays and dolphin (none of which we've seen so far this time, unfortunately).

But we did visit the beautiful empty beach near where we're anchored, then dinghyed over to where the turtles usually hang out. Jeff snorkelled while Susan and I kept watch from the boat.

A swim in the turquoise water and a great pasta dinner ended a great day. Tomorrow we sail (yeah!) up the back of Stocking Island to Emerald Bay Marina, from which Susan will prepare to leave for the airport on Thursday morning. All in all, a wonderful week with her!

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