Sunday, 21 February 2016

About to climb a mountain - fuelled with chocolate brownies!

It's been a while since I've written - mostly, because I don't have much to report! We're anchored at Monument Beach for now, trying to shelter from the crazy 30-knot winds we've been having since Thursday - It seems like one cold front follows another, with a day or two of stillness in between. I really hope that's not how this whole Winter will be, or we're unlikely to sail anywhere, including Cuba!

For now, we're taking it easy with our friend  Susan, who came aboard last Thursday, and the quiet days lying around the boat reading, painting, puttering and chatting with her have been good for 
Jeff's need to rest up and my leg to heal. The wind is supposed to abate today or tomorrow, and then we'll probably take off to Red Shanks, at least - a beautiful little Harbour about an hour sail away. And if it stays calm, we might return on the Atlantic side for another sail around the island. We probably won't go far, as Susan leaves next Thursday. Apart from some cloud, the days are sunny, though not warm enough for us to feel like jumping into the water much - very strange Winter!

But these days of enforced rest are a nice contrast to the boat preparation business we experienced during the first two weeks  - and of course, the Harbour is full of activities initiated by the sailing community here to keep everyone entertained - it's like one big adult Summer camp! We don't participate in most of it, but it's nice to know it's there when we want some social time.

For today, we're heading for a hike up to the monument, and over to the Atlantic side - my first foray into exercise since my leg started to hurt. I just baked chocolate 2-bite brownies for fuel - nice life!

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