Saturday, 13 February 2016

At Monument Beach - written yesterday

OK – so this is more like the Bahamas we know and love! Last night we went to a “rake and scrape”  - named after the saw and screwdriver instrument that used to be played, instead of the wired guitars that last night entertained us with great reggae music, while we ate Bahamian bar-b-que. Our new friends and Jeff danced on the floor, while I stayed off my sore leg, and “table danced” (not the same as lap dancing J).

Today the sun shone all day – I’m feeling better, we’re now in our favourite anchorage at Monument Beach, and were invited tonight for a “sundowner” on the boat of an old friend from Mimico, who is anchored right beside us (boat pictured below). Jeff has almost finished working on the bow roller for the anchor, while I waxed the deck this afternoon, and then read my last Practicum paper – yeah!

So we seem to be back in the swing of things here – about to call our grandchildren for the first time since we arrived. The first 2 pics below are of the presentation on Sting Rays at Stocking Island - the character covered in tattoos (of rays!) has a doctorate in Marine Science.

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