Saturday, 27 February 2016

That's More Like it!

Finally – we cruised today, on a Northwest 20 knot wind at an average speed of 5 knots (a little more than 5 mph), for 6 hours, to a tiny gorgeous harbor on Long Island (not New York!).  The waves were about 3 feet – enough to make it an exciting ride without any stress.

We arrived at about 3:30 pm through the most narrow entry we’ve ever tried – with rocks on both sides! But the fellow we met who told us about this bay, called Joe’s Sound, said it would be negotiable, with care. And careful we were. 

We edged our way through with no problem, anchored, and were putting away our lines when a sailor approached us in his dinghy, and introduced himself as “Pat – the “mayor” of Joe’s sound”! Pat spends his Winters here on his houseboat and 37-foot sailboat, and then returns to his home in New York where he charters a 70 foot cruising sailboat in the Summers.

He had a fishing trap in his dinghy, and had just caught a beautiful Grouper fish that he offered to us for dinner. Jeff went with him to the nearby beach, and got a fish-cleaning lesson, before he returned to our boat with the now filleted catch. This could be the freshest fish we’ve ever eaten! Pat was busy tonight – but we’ll invite him over for dinner tomorrow night – another new friend in the Bahamas J.

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