Thursday, 11 February 2016

Another Day in Elizabeth Harbour

Today marks a week since we arrived in paradise again, and, of course, it’s been a week of boat repairs, cleaning, etc. Yesterday a fellow sailor- the harbour’s resident electrician – came aboard to help out, went home for dinner, and has been back again all this morning. Now our whole electrical system has been overhauled – all for the price of dinner for Lee and his wife, Sherry, at the Club Peace and Plenty planned for tonight!

Finally, the weather has changed for the better – the sun is shining and there’s wind to sail by. No telling when we’ll get out of Elizabeth Harbour, though – there’s still some work to do on the anchor.

Meanwhile, we’re being entertained by such events as a great presentation about Sting Rays on Stocking Island Beach yesterday. Since there’s a whole group of them that gathers right at the beach, this was of particular interest. Apparently, the researchers have very little data on these creatures, though they have been around as long as sharks. They feed from our hands here and live wild in the Bay – kind of pets for visitors to the beach.

Today we’re heading back to George Town for another physio treatment for my ailing leg, and to top up our provisions. And so it goes … I should have more interesting adventures to report once we leave the harbour J.

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