Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Rescued by an angel!

Well - 5 days after arriving, and the boat is just about ready to sail. Both Jeff and I have been dancing with our physical demons - Jeff's post-viral syndrome has calmed down considerably, but I had a new challenge coming here - a bout of sciatica :(. Whew - big, constant pain - so much so that I could barely stand or walk.

So what do you do in the Bahamas when you can't walk? You go to a bar and sip Pina Coladas, of course! We were in the process of downing our first one, when along comes an angel in the form of a Scottish physiotherapist. We chatted about my leg problem, and she said: "Come and see me at 10:00 tomorrow morning, and I'll treat you on the dining room table in one of the bar's smaller rooms - for $50.00. I promise you'll be walking again without pain when I'm done".

Does one trust that - why not? I was in such misery it had to be up from there. So off I went for an amazing hour massage, and guess what - the pain is completely gone! Unbelievable ….. Turns out this woman is a private physio for the billionaire Ferrari family of Italy, practices in sports medicine in Italy and Spain, and vacations here in the Bahamas. I truly feel like she was sent, somehow. Thank you Aileen!

Now I'm really ready to go sailing ...


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