Monday, 16 December 2013

Yeah - we're now living aboard Sea Change, having moved in on Friday night. The downside is, no wifi connection in the yard, where we are still waiting for our mast to be placed before we can be launched. So we had a weekend off the computer ... reminded me of the old days!

The boat is pretty much ready to go - except for a few big things like the mast, the radar and the solar panels. That should all happen in the next couple of days, and the weather is getting warmer and sunnier. So this all may work for us to leave for the Bahamas before the end of the week.

Meanwhile, we're exploring the area a bit - yesterday we discovered a lovely outdoor shopping plaza and I visited my favourite clothing store - Chico's. Also saw a wonderful children's dance performance in the commons there, and then Jeff and I had a salmon dinner near-by - the best meal we've had since we arrived here! Today we'll start cooking aboard, and only eat out once in a while - we're both feeling ready for home-cooked food.

The pics below are from yesterday - the dance performance, our dinner, and a little Christmas light spirit at Rybovitch Marine Centre. Nice to have a day off ....

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