Wednesday, 25 December 2013

What a wonderful Christmas day! We lolled around the boat all morning, fuelled by a French toast brunch cooked on the bar-b-que, as our propane stove is currently not working. We opened a present to each other of t-shirts embroidered with "Sea Change ll" (see pic below), and then had many phone calls with friends and family in Toronto and Montreal. The good news is that everyone survived the ice storm in Toronto, though several families were without power, and some still are, but all are coping. Our thoughts are very much with you - hope power is restored really soon.

Neighbours reported to us that our back yard is filled with broken limbs from the near-by maple trees - but the fellow we hired to clear the snow is taking care of that for us - and thankfully there is no damage.

So, relieved to hear all of that, we took ourselves out for nachos and lattes, and then went to see the newly released film - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Well-done bit of entertainment - do see it.

Nice to have a day off - tomorrow it's back to work to finish up. Looks like next weekend might provide the weather window we're waiting for. Could be New Year's eve in the Bahamas - let's hope!

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