Friday, 13 December 2013

Here is a link to the Delorme site that you can access to see a map of exactly where we are located at any point in time. Not much fun right now, since we're in a boat yard - but once we're moving on the water it might be more interesting .... off for day 3 of reassembling Sea Change.


  1. You guys should sign these posts so I know whose voice to read it in.
    Looking forward to the map.

  2. Hi - is that Mike? (Says Hadro above). It's always me (Marilyn) so far - but when Jeff starts entering, we'll do that. Thanks - the link to the map is:

  3. It was me... I should update my name if I'm asking for yours!
    Hope things are ready for you soon.

    1. Hi, Mike - I'm glad you're looking at the site - you seem to be the only one commenting so far. We're still preparing to go - could be a while! xx Marilyn