Sunday, 29 December 2013

Hi - Marilyn here ...

Well, the long-awaited day hasn't arrived yet :(! We were planning to be off at 5:30 tonight for the 12 hour sail across the Gulf Stream. But our buddy boat partners just came over to say they think the sea conditions aren't as good as they thought they would be - and I'd been thinking the same thing. So we decided to delay for now, and maybe go out to anchor tomorrow to assess the situation. Disappointing - but better safe than sorry.

Last night we had a "farewell" drink on our boat with our new friends  - so this just gives us a chance to do it all again (and again and again ....). I'm sure there's some important learning here for me in "going with the flow" :).

Here's Sea Change all decked out for the sail, and the other green boat - Dame Des Mers - which
is our "buddy boat" to go across.

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