Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Happy holidays from Marilyn and Jeff (Marilyn writing) ...

Christmas morning and all is well! We're celebrating by taking the day mostly off, having completed putting Sea Change back together yesterday, with the help of a new friend, Pierre, who assisted with the radar installation. It took some blood, sweat and tears - we all sweated, Jeff cut his finger (not serious) and dripped blood all over the freshly cleaned and sparkling cockpit, which almost brought me to tears :).

But it all got done, and then we celebrated our 29th anniversary by joining Pierre, his wife, and 6 other Quebecois (highly experienced sailors), newly arrived at the Marina, for a Quebec-style Reveillon in the crew lounge. The conversation was an amusing combination of French and English - a "Fringlish" that I'm very familiar with from having lived half my life in Quebec. These lovely warm people toasted us with champagne, and we ended the evening by agreeing with one couple to sail across to the Bahamas together at the next good weather window - a bonus!

Hope all of you are enjoying the holidays with family and friends - know that we miss you a whole bunch, and think of you often.

Now on to a breakfast of French toast - seem appropriate. Here are a few pics of how Sea Change looks now, in comparison with when she arrived here, and pics of our little party last night.

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  1. SeaChanger looks good - and so do you. Happy Anniversary!
    Great to hear from you today, Betty and John