Friday, 20 December 2013

Hi, Everyone - Marilyn again ...

I just read about the weather in Toronto ... we may be working hard, but I'm glad we're here right now!

Today was the day! We're masted and launched, and now we need to do all the rigging adjustments, install the radar, clean the whole boat, and then wait for a weather window (could be a while). We're keeping life exciting by doing things like throwing our whole set of boat keys away with the recycling
:( - luckily, we have duplicates. I've decided that these events are just part of the adventure, and we're both staying relatively calm. Since a picture is worth a thousand words - here are a few from today.
Jeff just said that this whole affair is the biggest and most complex project he's ever taken on! Me - I'm just excited, and a little nervous about the Gulf Stream crossing to the Bahamas.

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