Monday, 23 December 2013

Hi - Marilyn here ...

Hope all of you out there survived the ice storm without undue hardship. We've been reading about it and seeing pictures on the CBC Radio 1 web-site - yikes! It seems like every time we leave Toronto there is some major weather event (do you think we're responsible?).

Apparently, we're having unusually high winds here for this time of the year. But it's no problem, as we're still not ready to leave in any case. We are making good progress - all that's left to reattach is the radar. Then lots of checking out of systems - Jeff's got a long list. We've been meeting nice people here - one couple from Quebec, and another from this area, who all plan to be in the Southern Bahamas when we're there. So we might have a little community when we arrive - fun.

Tomorrow is our 29th anniversary, and we plan to celebrate with dinner at our favourite restaurant - the Tiki Hut - about a 15-minute walk away. So happy Christmas eve tomorrow, for those of you to whom this applies, and happy holidays to all of you ... more anon.


  1. Happy Anniversary Marilyn and Jeff! You've had this dream of sailing away together for such a long time, and here you are, doing it!! Congratulations!
    Esther and Tim

  2. Happy anniversary, and may you enjoy many more years of happy adventures together.

    Mark & Marina