Monday, 17 March 2014

Long Island Beauty

Yesterday we sailed from Stella Maris Marina South on Long Island to one of the most beautiful places we’ve seen so far in the Bahamas. Salt Pond in Thompson Bay lies about a 3 hour sail down the Island – which we did in 22 knots of wind with a jib sail so reefed it looked like a handkerchief – and still we made an average of 5 knots!

It was an exciting sail which covered the boat in salt spray and landed us in this gorgeous, still cove just in front of the Long Island Breeze Resort. Three failed attempts to get there for dinner in our dinghy last night resulted in us giving up and cooking aboard L. It seems the fuel line to the dinghy motor was kaput … so we hitched a ride onto the shore with a fellow boater’s dinghy this morning, and bought a new piece of line from the near-by marina – problem solved! Can’t be without the dinghy – it’s the family car. Then we rented an actual car and did a tour of this lovely Island. 

The pictures below tell the story – so I won’t do it in detail. The Island is full of gorgeous churches, spectacular beaches, and Dean’s Blue Hole –  a very deep hole in the ocean where we took the pictures of the divers. The hole opens up to a vast deep underwater cavern – the site of free-diving world championships, and the largest yet discovered blue hole in the world! I’ve never seen water so brilliantly colored – it was almost unreal.

A beer with conch fritters and fried plantain (Island health food J), and an amazing full moon over the water completed a wonderful day – tomorrow we relax on the boat before heading back to the Exumas on Monday. This feels like a vacation!

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