Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Hanging out in Nowhereville

Hi, Everyone – I’m composing today (Tuesday), but won’t be able to post until we have an internet connection – likely late tomorrow.

We are now anchored at gorgeous, remote Norman’s Pond Cay – with nothing in sight but lots of turquoise water and several other gorgeous, remote cays, harboring a few boats. Most of those boats skedaddled early this morning, because they’re likely heading North on a South wind today. But the wind is due to shift North tomorrow, which will be good for us to sail Southward to Elizabeth Harbor to close up Sea Change.

Meanwhile, here we are, in Nowhereville – actually a short 4-hour sail from civilization - but the only company we have here are shy pink iguanas that peep out from behind the bushes on the Cay. Yesterday, at Children’s Bay Cay, I was inspired by the lovely beach near-by to make the watercolour/collage included below. Then we dinghied out to a fairly good snorkeling spot, and then out to the cut, where it was rumored there were spotted eagle rays. We didn’t see them – but experienced an interestingly confused current – totally flat in some spots and flowing heavily in different directions in others.  And a huge starfish lay quietly on the sandy bottom.

In the afternoon, we motored North a bit to our current location, where Jeff suction-cupped himself to the side of the boat and in full snorkel gear, scrubbed the bottom free of vegetation (though not much had accumulated – good bottom paint!). I had finished waxing the topside, which is supposed to suppress rust, and then cleaned the whole inside with vinegar, which is supposed to suppress mold - so we’re in pretty good shape. The day finished with yet another incredible sunset (and this time, I swear I saw the fabled “green flash”!).

Today it’s cloudy, for the first time since we arrived in early March (and I just heard a thunder clap) – can’t complain about that weather. We started the day wondering whether or not we should leave, as the wind had picked up and we were literally dancing on the waves. But it quickly shifted from South to West SW – and now we’re in the lea of the Cay, and calm again. So instead of leaving, we made chocolate brownies, and we’ll probably spend the day doing boat maintenance, and getting ready to pack up.

So here we are, winding down yet another fine month in the Bahamas – this could become a habit!

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