Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A Sensory Feast

How’s this for a sensory fantasy ….

Having just gone for a swim off the back of the boat in the cool, clear turquoise sea, we sat sipping our gins and coconut water when a mournful sound penetrated the perfect silence. Then another, and another – all different timbres, but somehow similar. It took a few minutes to realize that people on different boats were blowing conch shells to accompany a blazing red sunset! (see 3rd pic). As we watched the sun disappear behind glowing masts all around us, the gentle rocking of the waves and the velvety breeze on our skin were the background for a scrumptious dinner we made of Pad Thai with lobster tails.

Four of our five senses were being suffused with the most unimaginable beauty – while the fifth was assaulted with what Jeff calls “Eau de North Woods” – aromatic Muskol to discourage the ever-present $#@*% no-see-ums – the Caribbean’s dirty little secret, that haunt us every warm evening at sunset.

Ah well – I guess it can’t all be perfect – but it sure comes damn near! The pics below (except the first one, at Exuma Yacht Club last night) were taken at Monument Beach, around the harbor from Stocking Island, where we’re anchored for the night while we plan the next leg of our cruise. Life is tough …

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