Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Still at anchor ...

Both Jeff and I woke up this morning feeling a bit rocky physically - 8 trips to the head (read "bathroom" for non-sailors) later, I'm feeling much better (I'm sure that's more information than you need :). Maybe something we ate last night. So we didn't sail today after all, and we're using the day to catch up with boat and desk work - I might even do a little boat waxing.

Yesterday Jeff scaled the mast again, and was able to reset the Bad Boy (for wireless connection), but he still couldn't reach the mast head to change the anchor light. So we're giving that up until we can hire someone to help.

Then we spent the afternoon having a fabulous snorkel, a short dinghy ride away from the boat. Amazing corals of all kinds and a few fish became the subject of my underwater Kodak camera - though you'll have to wait until I get them developed to see those. The funny thing is, I kept shooting without looking through the view finder (what's that?), and couldn't figure out why I couldn't see my subject!

So no pics today, as you've already seen the mast-climbing photos ... back to recuperating now.

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