Saturday, 25 February 2017

We Made It!

Finally, after a full day yesterday with the mechanic working on the engine (at a cost of close to $600.00 – ouch!) – we filled up with diesel this morning, pumped out and made our way South to St. Augustine.

It was a lovely 5-hour motor (with the engine humming at 8.4 knots, with the current J) – passing many various kinds of boats, gorgeous, palatial homes – some completely screened-in, pelicans, seagulls, and the occasional very shallow sand bar – one of which we almost touched with our bottom (1 foot below the keel). It’s a challenging passage, as the ICW winds around and often becomes very shallow – the helmsperson really needs to keep watch constantly. Jeff and I took turns steering, so neither of us got too tired. We also successfully negotiated having a bridge opened for us  - “Sailing vessel Sea Change requesting passage heading South at fourteen thirty hours” – sounds official, doesn’t it? I’m learning the lingo!

We took a mooring ball at the St. Augustine Municipal Marina – after four passes (very windy day, is my excuse), and were greeted by an arc of three dolphins, welcoming us in! Having just finished our gins and coconut water in the sunny cockpit, we’re off in our new dinghy to sign in and have showers, before we bar-b-q a filet of steelhead trout for dinner. This is more like it!

Coda: As we were signing in, someone commented on my Mimico jacket – turns out they’re members, too, sailing with friends at Lakeshore Yacht Club to the Bahamas. Pic below …

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