Saturday, 11 February 2017

A Magical Family Visit

Magical Disney World – what an amazing thing to do with a 4 and 7 year old! We all had so much fun, which ended with two nights with the family on Sea Change. As Levi boarded the boat, half asleep, he exclaimed “Wow - it’s so great to be here – I haven’t been on the boat in such a long time!”. J

We spent a lovely sunny day hanging out on the boat, trying out the new dinghy and exploring the boatyard. It ended with a surprise early 70th birthday party for “Dadoo” (Jeff) – gluten-free birthday cake and all.

Today we did laundry, cleaned up, and most importantly – finally got the engine fixed – ah, the joy of that purring motor!! Thank you, Jeff, and our generous across-the-dock neighbor, Ingo, who is an electrical engineer. Tomorrow he and his wife, Annalise will be over for a “thank you” dinner from this grateful Sea Change crew.  We should be ready to sail in a few days….

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