Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Down the Ditch During a Cold Front

The Intracoastal Waterway is affectionately called “the ditch” – and we headed down it today in a miserable cold front, bringing thunder, lightening and tons of rain – not great. Though it would have been lovely on a sunny day – lots of gorgeous homes on the water on one side, and interesting vegetation on the other.

However, today was challenging in a few ways – here’s how Jeff described it in an e-mail to friends we’re meeting in St. Augustine ..

“The adventure continues. 2hrs down the intracoastal from Jacksonville we simultaneously got heavy rain/t-storm... and the engine overheat alarm went off. It had been running a little hot and I guess it got too hot. Anchored off to the side and waiting for the engine to cool down. Could be low coolant, loose belt or bad thermostat. For the moment I'm having a nap!!”

So we hunkered down in the cabin for lunch, and as I was preparing it, a can of beer exploded all over everything L. Looks like a good day for both of us to take a nap!

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