Sunday, 5 February 2017

A Rainy Day at the Cottage

Well, not quite rainy – but cold, windy and cloudy L. Can’t complain, though - this is the first time we’re not seeing the Florida sun in a week.

So no testing out of the new dinghy today – instead we did indoor things – laundry, packing for Orlando, e-mail, choir rehearsal, reading, etc. Not a bad way to spend the day aboard Sea Change. Jeff is recuperating from a week of heavy labour, so he slept and read most of the day.

Tomorrow we need to get the dinghy on the davits, with the motor attached – no easy feat! And the plan is to leave for the 2-hour drive to Orlando by 3:00, to meet our family for a visit to Disney World. So I probably won’t be blogging until after they leave next Saturday. We’ll be spending 4 days at Disney, and then 2 nights on the boat – should be fun! Back to the blog in about a week …

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