Saturday, 11 March 2017

Finally on the Gulf Coast!

We made it – we’re on the Gulf Coast, in Tampa Bay – heading to St. Petersburg tomorrow. It’s not sailing, but we are having a vacation, now that Jeff is feeling better again. And it’s fun to be exploring parts of Florida that we’d heard about, but never seen.

Yesterday we took a long walk along the river here, and then visited the Florida aquarium – both great! Tampa has done a wonderful job of developing its extensive waterfront. Today we visited the Tampa Zoo – reputedly the best in Florida – and deserving of that reputation, we think.

An interesting thing happened as we were standing in line. The couple in front of us recognized the name “Mimico Cruising Club” on Jeff’s key lanyard, and told us they live right near there. And they have a home on Sanibel Island here! When they heard our story, they said they would use their connections to try and find us a cottage on the Island – now wouldn’t that be amazing!!

Meanwhile, we’ve been in touch with old friends who live in Sarasota, and we may have dinner with them when we get there. Here are some pics from our explorations …

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