Sunday, 26 March 2017

Captiva Cruising

Yesterday was a laundry, beach and hang around the pool day (I could really get used to this!). But the day before, Candace and I had a “girls day”, while Jeff finished recuperating from his recent CFS bout.

We drove to the near-by Island of Captiva (gorgeous!!), and took a cruise from there to the tiny out-island with a large history, called Useppa. The small but very informative museum there included a whole description of the planning of the Bay of Pigs, which actually took place in the lovely hotel where we had our lunch.

A brief walk around the island before the cruise back to Sanibel revealed snaking pathways (no cars allowed) past beautiful, tasteful cottages, surrounded by orchids growing on trees and a sandy white beach (Ward’s Island in paradise J).

The trip home attracted numerous dolphin, who happily followed the wake of our ferry-like boat, dancing in the waves and evoking screams of pleasure from us viewers! A manatee greeted us as we pulled into the dock on Captiva. I took many pictures - some below.

In case you’re wondering about the state of Sea Change – the rudder has been removed, and a new one ordered. We’ll be heading back to Toronto a few days earlier than planned, on March 31st, and Jeff will go back in April or early May, whenever it’s repaired, to motor the boat to the nearest Marina here in Florida. We'll leave it until next year, and then take it across the Gulf to the Bahamas (only a year late!).

So onward and upward  - we’ll stay here until Tuesday – then start heading towards the boat to drop off the gear (rain clothes, snorkel equipment, etc.) that we’ve been carrying around in the rental car, before we fly out of Orlando on Friday.

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