Thursday, 23 March 2017

An Unexpected Guest

“Don’t swim in fresh water in Florida” we were advised. “Why ever not?” we naively replied. Alligators inhabit the fresh water here, and they’re especially abundant on Sanibel Island (who wouldn’t prefer to be here, after all?).

So early in the morning, a couple of days ago, we looked out of our bedroom window, and there was a big one – stretched out in the sun – 10 feet from the house!! (Pics below). I probably got too close to take those pictures … but I was cautious.

I’ve been exploring Sanibel on my own since then, as Jeff is again under the weather – but slowly recuperating. Yesterday, I biked for an hour to Tarpon Bay Explorers, and took a kayak tour into the mangroves (2nd time in a kayak – did ok). Lots of upper and lower body exercise.

Today I biked to the “Ding” Darling Wildlife refuge for a tram trip around the conservation area. Saw another alligator and many different kinds of birds – I can now identify most of them! There was a huge thunderstorm as we headed back to the visitor’s centre where my bike was parked, and a lovely couple from Pennsylvania offered me and the bike a lift home in the rain – so nice!

And I’m looking at real estate ads for this place J. No, we’re not buying property here anytime soon – but one can dream, no?

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