Friday, 3 March 2017

Boatus Interruptus

Well, we’re off the boat – probably until May L. But we'll head back to Toronto as planned on April 2nd, and Jeff will need to return in May to take the boat somewhere for storage.

The short story is, Sea Change was hauled out today and we could see the full extent of the damage to the rudder from going aground on a sand bar.  It looks like the rudder is completely bent and cracked, and will need to be replaced – an 8 week wait for a new rudder (minimum).

We were towed yesterday to a nice, small boatyard in Daytona which did a good job of hauling us out, after a bumpy night on the dock. Our guardian angel mechanic, Steve, drove 1.5 hours to have a look, and after several phone calls confirmed the verdict.

So we’ve moved off the boat – luckily into one of the last rooms available right on the ocean near the boat yard. Turns out there’s a bikers’ week coming up, and everything is booked. Our neighbours should prove interesting! Views from our room below …

We’ll stay for about 5 days, while the insurance adjuster has a chance to see the boat and make his report. Then we might actually plan a real holiday in Florida – anyone have a suggestion? It’s all covered by the insurance – called “vacation interruption” – they’d even let us charter another boat (fat chance!). So it’s not what we had planned – but who knows, it might be better … certainly feels that way right now!

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