Thursday, 24 March 2016


007 we’re not – but today we finally snorkeled the Thunderball Grotto (where Thunderball with James Bond was filmed, in Staniel Cay) – after three years of trying! The conditions need to be perfect – low, slack tide, no wind, lots of sun to provide enough light to see the gorgeously coloured large and small fish, and the overhead dome pierced with dramatic shafts of sunlight slicing down into the water. Otherwise, the tidal current can be very strong inside the cave, and each year we’ve tried, that’s been the case, until today J.

On Monday, our NB guests left, and since then we’ve been hunkering down, waiting out the cold front that just passed through. It’s a bit like a rainy week at the cottage – cloudy skies, cool, continuous, too-strong wind – keeping us mostly below decks.

But we entertained ourselves with photography and reading (Jeff), painting, baking and practicing choir music (Marilyn), and generally “kicking back”.

Now that the sun is shining, we’re provisioned, and our tanks are full of diesel and water – so tomorrow we’re off again, this time to Black Point to do laundry and maybe find some gluten-free bread from the bakery there for Jeff.

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