Sunday, 6 March 2016

A Sailor's Dream!

Well damn the no-see-ums – today we experienced what this is really all about.

We travelled from Long Island back to Exuma on an amazing 3.5 hour sail – the sky was blue, the wind was blowing 15 knots (about 18 mph), and we were slipping smoothly along on three-foot waves at 5-6 knots (about as much as this boat can do, upwind) on both sails – perfect!!

The only stressful moments happened as we went through the “cut” into shallow water on immense rollers, and headed in the wrong direction towards big rocks, because the waypoints, marking our course on the chart, had been entered incorrectly. But my captain caught this quickly and headed us in the other direction, while I took down the sails. A little excitement to end a perfect day!

We think Sea Change sailed so beautifully because her bottom was freshly painted, and I spent all day yesterday scrubbing and waxing her topside – she seemed very happy and was performing at her best – good boat!

Now we’re quietly anchored at Red shanks – one of our favourite places – before we head back to George Town to pick up our next guests, Paul and Beth from Fredericton, on Wednesday.  Then at the next “weather window” opportunity, we’ll be off to Cuba, and more adventures J.

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