Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Cruising the Beautiful Bahama Bank

Hope all is well at your end, as you head into wonderful Spring. We are also having better weather - warm, sunny though windless days - perfect for puttering up the Bahama Bank from Cay to Cay. Paul and Beth have decided to stay with us until the end of Easter weekend  - so we're having lots of adventures with them.

Yesterday, after a beautiful swim and snorkel off the boat at Rat's Cay (no rats :) - we moved to a better snorkelling ground and met someone who had just caught two huge lobsters. Jeff almost fell out of the dinghy with excitement (it barely held the four of us and all our snorkel gear as it was). But, although Jeff has a Hawaiian sling for catching lobster, we didn't fish or snorkel in the end, as the current was so strong we would have ended up out to sea within minutes of trying. Not sure how those other guys managed it.

Instead we went back to the big boat and got in the water holding the safety ring, and with our masks could see quite a lot of coral and fish right under the boat. But that meant it was getting pretty shallow - so we high-tailed it out of there to the next anchorage at Salt Pond, where a crazy current had boats floating in weird directions. We were comfortable for the night though, so after a lovely pasta dinner and watching the stars on the deck, we all fell into bed at 9:30 - big day in the Bahamas!

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