Saturday, 12 March 2016

Off to Cuba - NOT!

After a few days in Elizabeth Harbour waiting out yet another big wind, and a gorgeous day on Monument Beach with Paul and Beth (pics below), we headed to George Town yesterday to provision, fill up with water and fuel and do a last load of laundry before departing for Cuba.

Today was the day – with 20 knots of wind blowing right on our nose – not good! And it looked like this would be the story all the way there – either wind on the nose, or no wind at all. But we calculated how much diesel we’d need to motor all the way to Cuba, if necessary, and we had enough. We were conserving water and power religiously, and really felt prepared for this trip.

So we headed out of the cut into the open Atlantic, and the howling wind and huge rolling waves quickly convinced us that five hours of motoring to Goat Island (our first planned stop) would not be a pleasant experience. “Let’s head back to Red Shanks for the night and reconsider this …” we all agreed, and turned around.

Unlike in the ill-fated trip to Avalon, we talked about our apprehensions, and decided that motoring to Cuba didn’t seem worth it. We were all much more interested in heading North, with the wind, to tour the wonderful Bahama Bank Cays, and possibly Cat Island as well. So tomorrow we'll plan that trip, and worry about how to get the boat out of the country next year instead J.

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