Saturday, 28 February 2015

Jeff's Birthday in Red Shanks

It was Jeff’s birthday, and we celebrated with a blueberry pancake breakfast, and a hand-painted card I made for him, with a gift certificate for Season 4 of “Call the Midwife” (which comes out in May). We’re both addicted! Then he opened several funny e-cards from friends, and played a streamed message from Mika and our grandchildren singing “Happy Birthday” – very sweet.

We did some cleaning up, in preparation for my brother’s visit, and our non-functional dinghy motor was picked up to be taken back to George Town for repair. Meanwhile, I went in another couple’s dinghy, with a further dinghy carrying three friends from last night’s “sundowner” to the other end of the bay. There we tied up the boats and hiked to a plantation ruin, and a gorgeous unfinished resort that had apparently been abandoned mid-construction (nobody knew why). On the way back we stopped to see the resident sea turtles in this beautiful little cove, and then made our way back to our respective boats for dinner. We had Indian butter chicken to round out a pretty great day. The only down-side is that both Jeff and I seem to be developing colds – just as we’re expecting visitors – sheesh! It’s a good thing they’re staying on land, and just day-sailing with us.

Tomorrow we head back to George Town to meet Robert and Susan for the famous Stocking Island Pig Roast  - should be a fun start to their vacation.

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  1. Happy birthday, Jeff! Here's our wish for many more years celebrating in what is clearly your paradise!

    Mark, Marina, and Avianna