Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Hanging Out in Hurricane Hole 3

What a lovely, restful two days we’ve had since we arrived! We’re waiting for our macerator pumps to be delivered from the airport where we had to leave them to be brokered for entry into the Bahamas. So we’ve just hunkered down here, at our home mooring in Hurricane Hole 3 – where the calm water and lovely green surroundings have been a balm to our souls. Jeff is feeling energetic – puttering on the boat, as he loves to do, and I’ve gotten over the sinus infection that’s been haunting me for at least a month.

Yesterday we visited our host’s 3 week old baby, rested from our trip and shopped for groceries late in the day. Today we both felt like working on the boat, so Jeff fixed the water pump that mysteriously stopped working, and I scrubbed rust and black marks off the hull, from the dinghy. Then we went snorkeling right here in the Hole and saw some amazing fish! Hopefully, tomorrow we’ll get the macerator pumps, install one, and be on our way.

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