Sunday, 3 April 2016

Swimming With a Dolphin!!!

We’re almost too stunned for words – this was surely one of life’s peak experiences.

After a gorgeous gentle sail all the way from Emerald Bay to George Town, and a great conversation with our grandkids, we dropped our anchor in the harbor, and were getting settled in. Suddenly, Jeff shouted – “a dolphin – right there beside our boat!”. And there it was - a seven-foot dolphin, in all its glory, circling our boat for at least an hour.

We took dozens of pictures and some video of this amazing creature, swimming, surfacing, blowing and diving again – as if he was inviting us to come and play. So in we went, with snorkels and masks, and swam with that dolphin diving under and over us – sometimes no more than two feet away!!

The couple on the boat next to us were watching all of this, and I shouted “come and join us” – so they also donned snorkel gear and swam with the dolphin. Finally, the current got stronger, as the tide was changing, and we were finding it hard to not be carried away – so we reluctantly boarded Sea Change, while the other couple swam back to their boat with the dolphin now following them! As I write this, s/he is still circling – their boat.

We’d been wishing for a dolphin sighting all through this trip  - but never could have imagined what happened today. We feel so blessed!

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